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Join us in Jamaica at Destiny Villa 

The Villa: 

Set within a private gated community, Destiny Villa features over 14,000 square feet of living space, 500ft above sea level. Built on seven acres of lush land, with landscaped gardens growing fresh fruit and vegetables all year round, it's the perfect location for our Caribbean retreat. 

The decor and furnishings throughout Destiny are unsurpassed in style and quality. Destiny features beautiful indoor architecture as well as plenty of outdoor living space, with panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea and Great River Valley. 

The price includes 7 nights in one of our beautiful rooms at Destiny Villa. All rooms are en-suite and air-conditioned and the villa has two infinity pools and its own fully-functioning gym. 

The villa’s experienced and welcoming staff will take care of your every need as you immerse yourself in a tailored retreat programme. Whether you are here to detox, improve your fitness, or simply unwind we’re here to cater for your every need. 

Catering at Destiny Villa: 

The Caribbean islands are known for their delicious food, and Jamaica has an abundance of tropical fruits and vegetables. Destiny’s kitchen is run by professional chefs, Carlington and Shantie. Both are experts in local and continental cuisine and they will be cooking a delicious array of meals throughout your stay at Destiny Villa. 

The villa’s mixologist, Aljae, will also be at hand throughout your stay. Aljae will prepare fresh juices & smoothies using fruit and vegetables from the villa's very own gardens, and there will also be the option to taste his extraordinary homemade cocktails. 

Meet the Team: 

Aimee Victoria Long: 

London-based celebrity PT, Pilates Instructor & Barre Specialist, Aimee will help provide you with the tools you need to redefine your mind and body through her method. Expect intense workouts that focus on primary and smaller muscle groups to tone head to toe.

Joshua Davies: 

Josh is an ex-professional rugby player and has applied much of the knowledge he gained over his 8-year career to his coaching philosophy. 

Josh’s energy and attention to detail will keep you motivated, whilst also keeping your training fun on your retreat. 

Lucy Raetz-O’Connell: 

Lucy is a PT, with a focus on Pilates, functional training and mobility, and is here to provide you with the tools and knowledge to make health and wellness part of your everyday life. 

Lucy also has an MSc in Nutrition and a passion for all things food. She will be working closely with Carlington/Shantie to create a delicious menu, and will be organising trips to local restaurants in order for you to experience Jamaica’s wonderful cuisine.


What’s Included: 

7 nights at Destiny Villa
- 3 meals a day, snacks and drinks (alcohol optional) 
- 3 fitness classes a day 
- 1 PT session a day 
- 1 pre retreat assessment and PT session
- 1 post retreat check-in and PT session 
- 1 full body massage 
- Cooking class with celebrity chef (with fresh produce from the garden) 
- Cocktail making class with mixologist 
- Access to spa facilities at The Tyrall Club, Montego Bay 
- Evening meal at local restaurant 
- All transport whilst on the island 
- Jamaican themed night

Sample Day 



7am Option to have light snacks / pre-workout bite


7:30am Morning flow (Sunrise Flow) 


9am Breakfast 


10:45am Class 


11:45am Free Time / Relax By The Pool  / Post workout snacks 


1:30pm Lunch  


2:30pm - 5pm Free Time / Activity / Nutrition Consults / PT Sessions 


4:30pm Afternoon snacks available 


5:30pm Class


7:00pm Sunset Flow 


9:00pm Evening Dinner 



(Please note this is an example day and could vary upon arrival. There will be one group excursion and visit to a local restaurant at the other side of the island). 

For more information please email: or call: 07472348225 

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