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We have all the tools you could ever need to get you started on your wellness journey and beyond. 

Whether you are looking for 1-2-1 PT sessions in our studio or fancy a home session, all the way through to a live in trainer and support from a private chef, we can help you. Our team and partners work to the highest of standards to ensure your every need is met, no ask is too much. 

Meal Prep Delivery

Born out of a passion for food and our clients needs, we’ve reinvented the meal prep delivery experience working hand-in-hand with our in-house nutritionists and chefs. 

  • Nutritionist driven 

  • Direct to your door 

Residential Stays / Live-in Trainers

Many of our clients aren't able to come to our studio to train and need someone who is there 24/7 to help them reach their goals, whether that's for 2-4 month stay whilst they work onset of a movie or longer term. We have trainers that work all over the world and live with our clients full-time in Saudi Arabia, America and Europe. 

Corporate Partnerships &

Gym Management

We work with many corporate companies to bring workshops, talks and classes into office, as well as providing all members of the team to our online coaching platform. 

We also have the capacity to private and corporate residential gyms with our team members to ensure someone is alway on site.

1-2-1 PT Sessions

Be it Barre, Pilates or Strength & Conditioning your discipline of choice, we have a trainer to suit you for in-person or virtual sessions. 

Sessions can take place in home, studio, office or digitally.

Nutrition Consultations & Private Chefs

From initial consultations with our in-house nutritionist to put a diet plan in place to helping you source the right residential chef for you and your family, our team and partners will ensure every expectation and goal is met. 

Online Coaching

We have helped 100s of men and women reach their goals through online coaching. With a bespoke training plan, a personalised nutrition plan and 24/7 support via our app and messenger we ensure you are accountable and on track. 

Pre/Postnatal Support

Whether you need help through your pregnancy with training or after with weaning and the family unit, we're here to help. We have partnered with Hannah Davies, Founder of MotherhoodRoad, to be able to help you with everything from sourcing a Nanny to potty training.


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