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Join us in Suffolk 

Starling Farmhouse is the perfect hidden gem to host our revitalising retreat in the rustic British countryside. This house and retreat will assure you a wonderful time. It can comfortably accommodate 12 guests in 6 luxurious bedrooms - all with en-suite wet rooms. Wake up to invigorating lake views and get that Nespresso machine running for some fresh coffee before starting your day with one of our Level-Up classes. 

The rural charm offered by this accommodation in the South East will ensure you return with your batteries recharged.

Explore the hamlet on Pashley bicycles to find fascinating species of flora & fauna. Follow this with a feast in the breakfast kitchen from our wonderful chef, train with us in small group reformer PT sessions, multiple daily class offerings and then an undisturbed night of slumber in the Hypnos king-sized beds.

This immaculate property is also the oldest in the entire estate. The impressive brick floors with underfloor heating and oak frames are what make this house extraordinary. The exemplary blend of traditional with contemporary is truly a treat to the eyes. Your luxury escape in Suffolk will be the perfect combination of a rural getaway with the privilege of up-to-date technology.

House Key Features:

  • Fireplace

  • Shared hot tub

  • Shared swimming pool

  • BBQ

  • Underfloor heating

  • Shared tennis court

Our experienced and welcoming staff will take care of your every need as you immerse yourself in a tailored retreat programme. Whether you are here to detox, improve fitness or simply unwind with a friend, loved one or your family, you’ll be nurtured and supported to find balance at this sumptuous 5-star farmhouse. 

A range of wellness programmes and activities are on offer for detox, stress and burnout recovery, weight management, sleep, and so much more. Hand selected by Aimee Long and Millie Pryor, you will be met with daily pilates, barre and HIIT classes with the option for personal training and evenings out. Our special offering for Starling Farmhouse is reformer pilates - both in group sessions and solo PTs. 

 This tailored retreat combines nutrition from Lucy O'Connell, wellness and leisure activities alongside the option for beauty treatments personalised for your current state, goals and preferences.

 Following an initial consultation and body composition analysis you’ll be placed on your carefully designed fully inclusive retreat programme with detox support supplements if you so choose.

With staff support 24/7 we ensure your every need is met. ​​​​​​​​​


Sample Day 

7am Option to have light snacks / pre-workout bite

7:30am Morning flow (Sunrise Flow) 

9am Breakfast 

10:45am Level Up Class 

11:45am Free Time / Relax By The Pool  / Post workout snacks 

1:30pm Lunch  

2:30pm - 5pm Free Time / Activity / Nutrition Consults / PT Sessions 

4:30pm Afternoon snacks available 

5:30pm Level Up Class

7:00pm Sunset Flow 

9:00pm Evening Dinner 

(Please note this is an example day and could vary upon arrival. There will be one group excursion and visit to a local restaurant). 

{PT Sessions can be booked throughout stay and can range from boxing to reformer pilates, depending on your goals}

For more information please email: info@aimeevictorialong.co.uk or call: 07472348225