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An African Retreat To Remember


Our African safari retreats create a unique experience in Kenya, where  you can reconnect with your true self in less than a week. If you’re ready to rediscover yourself in a luxurious Safari adventure, we look forward to seeing you in the wild. Live for a while amongst wildlife and big nature and feel your soul exhale. Feel rejuvenated, disconnect from the busyness of the world and reconnect with yourself like you haven't before. 


Our trips offer a one-of-a-kind wellness experience, for all levels, based in Laikipia Kenya.


Imagine the stories you will tell, from mornings horse riding in the bush, sunset yoga sessions overlooking the savannah and falling asleep to the roar of the lions. You'll find several endangered species safely harboured in Laikipia. About half of Kenya's black rhino population, several healthy packs of African wild dog and the finely striped Grevy's zebra have found refuge there. Other wildlife is also here in abundance with some 2,000 elephant which roam freely across the area.


Enjoy your favourite morning coffee overlooking a herd of elephants, walk and ground down in the African sun instead of the Tube and destress with our bespoke fitness sessions morning and evening. A home-from-home atmosphere, our lodges offer a swimming pool and tennis courts along with a large sitting area, dining room, bar and expansive veranda, offering undisturbed views of the bush beyond with plenty of time to relax.


Laikipia lodges are elegant, exclusive and informal, nestled tens of thousands of prime wildlife habitat. Here you can gallop alongside zebras on a horse back, camel ride to breakfast, walk with elephants, day game drive in open sided 4X4’s, search for leopards by torchlight, swim in the rivers and jump from the waterfalls. Not only will you have a world class safari, but you will also ground down daily through wellness classes and workshops, run by my expert staff.

Imagine waking up in a handcrafted treehouse overlooking the Indian Ocean...

You head down to the lodge to enjoy an early, meditative yoga session...

Followed by a Safari excursion to race against elusive Zebras on horseback. Think of how you’d feel with the winds softly rushing against your hair. And seeing the courageous eyes of the striped horse glancing at you. As if she’s telling you how much fun she’s having galloping with you. Imagine the stories you’d tell around the campfire with the friends you’ve met... Their cheers of encouragement and laughter under a clear, moonlit sky... How connected would you feel to yourself and others at that moment?


This is just a small part of what our safari retreat has to offer to you. With over a year of careful planning and preparation. Together with dedicated, professional hosts that have years of experience. This is truly a ‘one of a kind’ adventure you can’t find anywhere else.

Join us on one of our group safari retreats or let us create a bespoke private retreat for you and your family/friends.

  • Create your own safari retreat (anytime of the year / any location)

  • Lengishu - 2024 dates TBC (please enquire)

  • Borana - 2024 dates TBC (please enquire)

Lengishu Lodge 


Lengishu is a stunning exclusive-use family home on the pioneering Borana Conservancy in Northern Kenya. For varied adventures including tracking rhino on foot – Lengishu has it all!

Perched on a ridge with views across the Laikipia plains and deep into the Northern Frontier, Lengishu is made up of a main house, pool house and four separate cottages, creating a private retreat for up to 12 people.

Guests have the freedom to choose their own itinerary and are not bound by the constraints of other safari lodges. Activities are in abundance and fully flexible, including private game drives both on land and by air, mountain biking and horse riding through the conservancy, as well as the rare opportunity to help with the conservation efforts by helping to track rhino on foot. This paired with our PT sessions, classes and wellness activities will make this trip a once in a life experience. 

Both Lengishu and Borana Conservancy have sustainability at front of mind - Lengishu is built with locally sourced materials, expertly crafted by local artisans. All the conservation fees paid by Lengishu's guests are invested into the sustainable conservation of land and wildlife notably the endangered black rhino and its habitat. This is something every guest of Lengishu can learn about - how Borana Conservancy supports the conservation of wildlife, empowers the local community and how every stay makes a difference.

Sample Day 

Day 1

6.30am: Safari activities

Camel ride to breakfast at the lodge

10.30 - 12.00am: Morning class /PT Sessions

Lunch at the lodge

Spa and relaxation

4pm – Afternoon Tea

4.00 - 6.30pm: Evening class & journaling at the water fall and walk along the river

Supper at the lodge.


Day 2

06.30am: Safari activities 

Bush Breakfast

10.00 - 12.00am: Morning class

Picnic lunch at the spring

5.30pm: Drive with sun set Yin Yoga @ Isiolo valley

Dinner at the lodge

9.30pm: Meditation at the pool under the stars.

Borana Lodges 


Borana Conservancy lies at the foot of Mt Kenya, a few miles North of the equator at 6,500 feet (almost 2,000 meters) above sea level. This 32,000 acre private conservancy is typical of the foothills of Mount Kenya. With the mountain to the South and an arid landscape to the North, Borana is perfectly situated for wildlife.

The conservancy introduced black rhino in 2013 and the population has since thrived. In 2014, Borana Conservancy and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy to the East, took down their fences to form The Lewa-Borana Landscape, allowing the wildlife free reign on 92,000 acres of unspoilt African wilderness. The Lewa-Borana Landscape is a Key One Rhino population, one of only three in Kenya, home to over 100 black rhino and 92 white rhino: 14% of Kenya's rhino population.  

Borana Lodge is at the heart of Borana Conservancy, with a fantastic view of Mount Kenya. The lodge is perched on a hillside above a dam, where herds of elephant regularly gather to bathe at lunch time. The presence of water close to the lodge attracts all kinds of characters; lion and leopard are regular nocturnal visitors and are sure to make themselves heard.

Borana Lodge has four stand-alone cottages with exceptional views. These cottages are unique, designed with the hillside in mind - not forgetting the finer details which make for true comfort. Two further cottages provide the perfect refuge for families. With a sitting room shared between a double and a twin, parents can rest assured that their children are safe in the room next door. The combination of privacy, natural beauty and an abundance of wildlife creates a unique setting for a truly memorable safari experience.

At Borana Lodge you will be guided and hosted by those who know Borana best, with a chance to explore the hills and valleys on foot, on horseback, in a car or on a mountain bike. Borana Lodge provides the ultimate location for action and relaxation.

With two strings of safari horses, game walks, mountain bikes, an abundance of birds, cross-cultural experiences and plenty of excuses for meals and nights in the bush there is never a dull moment at Borana Lodge. Topped off with an in house Safari Spa, there is something for everybody.

Borana Lodge is a Long Run destination, these are carefully selected for their commitment to the relationship between the 4C's; community, culture, conservation and commerce. 

All retained earnings from Borana Lodge are invested into various conservation efforts of Borana Conservancy. Each night spent at Borana Lodge acts as a direct contribution to a wide variety of conservation efforts. 

This truly is travelling with a purpose.

For more information and booking please email: or call/text: 07472348225 

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